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    SMART Professional Services
    3340 Peachtree Rd NE
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It is well documented that virtualization optimizes costs associated with server space, energy consumption, and maintenance. With virtualization, 1 server transforms into XX servers, dramatically increasing the productivity and agility of your organization.

Virtualization is one of the core services SMART Pros offers. Virtualization allows fundamental changes to your business operating structure, and the way that business processes are enabled.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

SMART Pros has the expertise to help you plan, deploy, and manage a virtualized infrastructure. The result is accelerated implementation and adoption of your virtualization strategy that addresses your server, desktop, and business continuity needs.

SMART Pros will unify your IT systems, tools, and processes across both physical and virtual environments. We will assess your server, application, and network requirements and make recommendations for virtualization. The result will be the fast implementation of the virtualized infrastructure, substantially reducing system downtime and risk while maximizing your return on investment.

Next Generation Datacenter

SMART Pros can transform your datacenter into a strategic business asset.

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